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Boyd Trial Consulting

As a result of his extensive trial experience, other lawyers regularly hire Jeff to assist them with their cases. Since the late 1990s, Jeff has provided a variety of services to other lawyers across the country including focus groups, theme development, witness preparation, jury selection, and creation of powerful demonstrative evidence, enabling lawyers to effectively present their cases at trial.

Jeff has consulted with lawyers throughout the United States on cases involving; insurance bad faith, medical negligence, product liability, construction disputes, drug litigation, intellectual property, patent, copyright, and trademark infringement, car, truck, bicycle and motorcycle wrecks, vehicle/pedestrian collisions, premises liability, business disputes, police abuse and misconduct, construction site injuries, contract breaches, employment discrimination and wrongful termination, workers’ compensation claims (proximate cause), and partnership and corporate ownership disputes.

Services provided by Boyd Trial Consulting, PLLC, include:

  • Focus Groups and Mock Trials, including evaluation of liability, damages, defenses, exhibits, demonstrative evidence, and witnesses/parties (live or videotaped).
  • Strategic analysis to identify and address the defense themes that can kill a plaintiff’s case
  • Developing themes that juries will understand and that will win your case.
  • Discovering the plain-language words and phrases that jurors use to discuss your case with each other
  • Witness preparation – improving, through video taping and review, how a witness looks and talks to enhance their delivery and credibility
  • Development of Voir Dire techniques for the lawyer and questions for the jury
  • Assistance with jury selection, in person, at trial
  • Assistance with jury selection through review of potential jurors’ answers to standard jury questionnaires (even if unavailable until the morning of trial)
  • Assistance with jury selection through the design of unique and relevant  Supplemental Jury Questionnaires

Jeff’s facilitation of live, interactive focus groups will give lawyers answers to questions such as:

  • How do juries process information in a world where a television newscast may present 2 or 3 active windows atop a series of “crawlers” while the voice-over topic changes every 15 seconds?
  • What effect do social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter have on the way jurors communicate, deliberate, and decide your case?
  • What language do ordinary people use today when they talk about justice and fairness?
  • What matters when it comes to evaluating non-economic damages?
  • What is a jury looking for when they evaluate liability?

It seems as if public attitudes and values are shifting faster than ever before as the 24-hour news cycle and the Internet sweep information though our culture – your jury pool – with astonishing speed.

In the past, trial lawyers talked about trends in attitudes being a swinging pendulum, but the pace of change today feels more like the vibration of a tuning fork, as headlines come and go in minutes.  You couldn’t have been successful in your past trials without a good feel for what motivated jurors.  But will yesterday’s instincts work with tomorrow’s jury pool?

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