What compensation can I receive in the event of a Washington bicycle accident?

It all depends on what your injuries are, but here’s the basic list. The basic list is your medical bills, whatever you’ve incurred up the point of the case resolving for your medical bills, whatever you might need in the future for your medical bills. Same goes true with your wage loss, so whatever you’ve incurred in lost wages up to that point and whatever you might incur for lost wages in the future. You also get your bike replaced or repaired, and any other sort of incidentals. Then the big thing is pain and suffering, or general damages. That is, how did this hurt you? How bad was it? How bad was the pain? How inconvenient was it? How did it change your life? We think every case has a story. We want to know what your story is and tell your story because that’s how we get you compensated.

What if I am injured in Washington by a car with no insurance while walking or riding a bike?

Well, unfortunately we know that not everyone is as responsible as they’re required to be or should be. They don’t always have insurance and they don’t always drive safely, and people are injured as a result. You have to take care of yourself on the front end before something happens. You need to have personal injury protection insurance, which will pay your medical bills if you’re injured while walking, riding a bike, running, or as a passenger in someone else’s car, and also under insured motorist, UIM. That protects you if the other person has no insurance. Buy those insurance coverages. It doesn’t raise your premium and it will protect you if this happens.

What should I do if I am involved in a Washington bicycle accident?

First, get the medical care that you need, but second, call an attorney. You need an attorney that’s experienced with bicycle law, because the laws are different, and the way the insurance companies handle these cases are different than an ordinary car wreck.

What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Washington bicycle accident case?

If you’ve been in a bicycle crash case, the most important thing that you can look for within an attorney is experience at handling those kinds of cases. The fact is bicycle cases are harder than other cases because there’s a group of people that just don’t believe that bicyclists are safe.

Who will pay for my injuries and losses in a Washington bicycle accident?

Well that all depends on how you were injured. If you were struck by a car, then the driver of the automobile is responsible for your injuries. If the person who was driving the automobile is not the owner of the car, then that may add an extra layer of insurance coverage and the person who owns the car may also be responsible. If you are injured because your bike failed, the manufacturer of the bike may be responsible. If you are injured because you hit a defect on the road, a pot hole, or a bad curb or something like that, the owner of that property or whoever was maintaining it may be responsible. It all depends on the facts and circumstances of your case and how you were injured.