What kinds of damages are available in a Washington brain injury case?

If you’ve suffered a brain injury in Washington you’re entitled to compensation for the basics such as lost wages or medical bills but you’re also entitled to compensation for what’s happened to you as a result of the brain injury. For example, if you’re unable to enjoy the things in life that you use to enjoy or if you have to to do things with more difficulty, you’re entitled to compensation for that loss.

What should I do if an insurance company approached me about my injuries in my Washington brain injury case?

The first thing you should do if an insurance company approaches you about your injuries is speak to a competent lawyer. The fact is, the only goal that the insurance company has is to pay you as little money as they can to get you to settle or release your claim. Without competent counsel, you won’t know what your rights are.

What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Washington brain injury case?

Brain injury cases are unusual and complex. To hire an attorney that knows what’s best for you, you need to hire an attorney that has long experience with handling brain injury cases. They need to understand the medical issues as well as the legal issues.

Why do insurance adjusters direct their claimants to not talk to an attorney until they have made a settlement offer?

Insurance companies don’t want people to talk to an attorney, because they’re afraid that an attorney will tell them what their case is really worth. You have to keep in mind that insurance companies are only interested in their outcome … they’re not interested in what’s right for you. That’s why you should always talk to an attorney before you settle a case.

Why is it that a brain injury may not be first diagnosed until long after the accident?

There are a couple of reasons. First, people are really looking for orthopedic injuries initially. They’re looking to see if you’ve broken bones, if you’re having trouble getting around or walking. Those are the things that stand out usually.Then second, brain injuries are really subtle. They often don’t become apparent for several months, and it’s after you’ve had a repeated problem with forgetting something, finding words, concentrating, once you’re back to work and you’re seeing that that’s not going well, at that point, people really start to notice.It’s something to watch for. Ask your loved ones, do they notice a difference in you? What have they noticed since you were injured? It’s hard to figure, but there are people who can help you and we can help you navigate that process as well.