What should I say to the other party involved in the Washington accident or their insurance adjuster?

If you’re involved in a collision in Washington, you have an obligation to provide the other driver with your name, address, and insurance company information. Beyond that, you should not provide any other information or give any other statements either to the driver or to their insurance company without consulting with an attorney first.

Who pays my medical bills if I am injured in a Washington motorcycle accident?

It depends on what type of insurance coverage is available. If you’re able to purchase personal injury protection insurance PIP on your motorcycle policy, then that would pay your medical bills first. You can’t always do that on all motorcycle policies. If you’re shopping around for insurance, talk to the various insurance companies and find out if they will sell you PIP insurance. It’s really important to have.The person who hit you, their insurance may be required to pay your medical bills if they have PIP that covers you. There’s also health insurance, and then sometimes you can get a doctor to wait to be paid until later, and we can help you negotiate that. There are lots of different ways to get your medical bills paid if you’re injured in a motorcycle wreck.

Why should I hire a motorcycle accident attorney if the other driver’s insurance is going to pay for everything?

You can never know if the other insurance company is going to pay for everything unless you have someone on your side who is an experienced motorcycle attorney who can fully evaluate your claim and tell you what a fair settlement would be. The other driver’s insurance company is never going to act in your best interest. They’re always going to be looking out for themselves. Only your lawyer can protect you.

Will it cost me any money to bring a Washington motorcycle accident case?

Most attorneys that handle motorcycle collision cases work on something called a contingent fee which means that it doesn’t cost you anything upfront to hire an attorney. Attorney’s fees are paid on a contingency fee case at the end of the case through the settlement or verdict. That means you can hire a lawyer and have them protect your rights without being concerned about whether or not you can afford to pay for them.

Will my uninsured motorist coverage pay me if I am injured in a Washington hit and run accident?

Washington has excellent law regarding uninsured motorist claims. If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run collision and you suffered an injury, you should consult with a lawyer who’s experienced in handling uninsured or under insured motorists claims.