Sun Safety Tips

Sun rays are dangerous, plus, sunburns can HURT and cause permanent damage to your beautiful skin.  Please consider these important tips:


These are the two most effective ways to enjoy the summer warmth without increasing your risk of sun damage. Enjoying the shade and wearing clothing that covers your body are cost-effective and accessible to all. The best clothing protection has SPF protectant in the fabric.  Be aware that some clothing providers very little protection from the sun if it lacks the SPF protectant.


When staying shaded is not an option, you’ll want to find a sunscreen that will keep your skin from burning. These can contain lots of chemicals, so it a wise idea to shop around for one that suits you and your family. Remember, when using sunscreen, you’ll want to reapply as directed since it is not meant to last all day, especially if you’re also enjoying water sports.  Look for sunscreen with zinc in it for extra protection.


If you get a sunburn, you’ll need to keep it moisturized to reduce pain and chance of your skin drying out. Aloe vera is a great option, especially if you can get it directly from the plant!


A lot of people forget the importance of protecting their eyes. It is possible to damage the sensitive cells in your eyes from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Your eyes can also be damaged by the reflection of these rays on surfaces with water, snow, or other reflective material.
Sunglasses are your best bet to prolong the health of your vision. Look for ones that cover the most area, and block 100 percent of UV rays.

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