Canadian Cases

Oh, Canada.  We do love you!

Nelson Boyd is one of the few law firms in Washington that regularly represents Canadians injured and killed in Washington.  These cases are complicated and require experience and knowledge to make sure that our Canadian friends who were injured or killed in the U.S. obtain the justice to which they are entitled – on both sides of the border!

Did you know that if a Canadian is injured or killed in the U.S., they are entitled to not only all rights and remedies under U.S. law, but that they may also be entitled to additional insurance benefits in Canada? It is important for Canadians to hire a competent U.S. attorney who has not only the ability to file a lawsuit in the U.S. and negotiate with American insurance adjusters, but who also has the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure the Canadian isn’t missing out on benefits they receive as a result of their residency in Canada.

Too often, Canadian attorneys may try to handle a case for a Canadian injured or killed in the U.S. without involving an American attorney.  This usually delays the resolution of the case and it often very likely results in a lower value for the case because U.S. adjusters won’t deal fairly with Canadian attorneys. In addition, the differences between the Canadian and U.S. healthcare systems, especially how the services are billed, create complications for the case that must be handled carefully in order to protect the Canadian resident and maximize their recovery.

Nelson Boyd has represented Canadians for years and our commitment to them runs deep.  We are members of the Trial Lawyers Association for British Columbia and have spoken at seminars and written papers regarding the differences between Canadian and U.S. law. And we regularly partner with Canadian attorneys who represent clients injured or killed in the U.S. so that the Canadian resident has legal representation on both sides of the border. We will work with your Canadian attorney and your Canadian healthcare providers to make sure we can prove your claim, we investigate all Canadian benefits to which you may be entitled, and we aggressively pursue your claim in the U.S.

We’ve handled claims for Canadians in Victoria, Vancouver, the Lower Mainland, and Alberta. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

Call Nelson Boyd today at (206) 971-7601 to see if we can help you.

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