“I would highly recommend the Nelson Boyd firm to anyone”

“After being dragged through the legal system for six (long and excruciating) years my wife and I were frustrated, stressed, and burned out. Our experiences with lawyers was less than positive, and we needed real help. I reached out and interviewed several firms to help us resolve our never ending case. Within 10 minutes of speaking with Jeff I knew they were the firm we needed. My wife and I live in Idaho, and dealing with a group from Seattle was a little unnerving. Jeff and Deborah flew to Boise to meet us over dinner. They are genuinely kind people with deep compassion for their clients and a razor sharp legal strategy. We just finished our case, and a massive weight has been lifted. Jeff and Deborah were literally life changing for our family. I would highly recommend the Nelson Boyd firm to anyone in need of legal services.”
-C.H., Boise, ID, Legal Malpractice Client

“Excellent, straightforward representation”

“Deborah is highly capable, knowledgable, effective and an excellent communicator. I was always clear on what was going on with my case and felt she was competently handling all issues. She isn’t afraid to play hardball with the opposing side but also knows when subtle finesse will be more persuasive. Deborah has represented me on two occasions and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.”
– J.H., Seattle, Car Accident Client

“Highly Recommend!”

“Deborah and Jeff did a wonderful job while representing me in a personal injury case. Both were very compassionate to my situation and kept me well appraised as to what was happening with my case. My emails and phone calls were answered promptly and any questions were answered fully. I was never left wondering what was the next step. Both worked tirelessly on my case till the very end and always made me feel like I was more than just a client. I could not have asked for a better team!”
– C.R., Ohio, Trucking Accident Client

“Highly Recommended!”

“When we contacted and met with Deborah Nelson and Jeff Boyd of Nelson and Boyd Attorneys, they were very knowledgeable regarding my husband type of injury, and Deborah directed us toward the best Doctor’s to deal with my husband’s TBI. They always kept us informed of what was happening. We could always reach them, or they always called us back immediately. If you are looking for attorneys that are trustworthy, thoughtful, hard working and go the distance on your behalf, look no further. We spent a lot of time with them during our lawsuit, and it was like being with family. Someone who truly has your back, and truly cares about the outcome.
– K.S., Richland, Traumatic Brain Injury Client

“…they did everything in their power to get the best settlement that they could.”

“Deborah Nelson and Jeffrey Boyd represented my claim professionally and with great concern for the way my initial case was mis-handled by another lawyer. Unlike the previous lawyer, they did everything in their power to get the best settlement that they could. They were responsive to my questions and constantly kept me informed as to the status of the litigation and presented me with all the facts to make an informed decision about my claim. Their professionalism and legal knowledge resulted in getting adequate compensation through mediation prior to taking the case to court.”
– J.E., Edmonds, Legal Malpractice Client

“It was great working with this firm.”

“We used the firm of Nelson Boyd, and were represented by Deborah Nelson and Jeffery Boyd in our lawsuit against an attorney who mis-handled our earlier medical malpractice cases. In both our underlying cases we had received inadequate compensation for our injuries and received an amount way below what other, similar, cases had been settled for by other attorneys. Nelson Boyd helped us receive equitable compensation in mediation just before trial. They were responsive to our questions and kept us informed throughout the two-year process. It was great working with this firm.”
– A.J., Shoreline, Legal Malpractice Client

“…I was impressed with her experience, intelligence, and compassion.”

“After contracting a disabling illness and losing the ability to work, I filed for disability benefits with my LTD insurance provider. After my claim was unfairly denied, I hired Deborah to handle the appeal. From the first meeting, I was impressed with her experience, intelligence, and compassion. She has a proven strategy for disability appeals using credible and respected medical and rehabilitation experts for evaluations and testimonies. Having Deborah manage the appeal was a huge relief; this allowed me to focus on my health care. She was tenacious, firm, and professional when dealing with the insurance company. Deborah provided timely and clear updates and always answered my many questions promptly. I know that it was in large part to her excellent work and perseverance that I received a favorable settlement. I hope to never have another legal issue again, but if I do, Deborah will be the first person I call.
-T.S., Seattle, Long Term Disability Client

“I could not have been treated any better.”

“I had a great experience with Nelson Boyd.  They took care of everything that needed to be done, which made it much easier on me.  I could not have been treated any better.”
-D.K., Seattle, Construction Site Accident Client

“…she was extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate…”

“Deborah came into our case and was a great breath of fresh air, she was extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and awesome at what she does. She was quick to get back with me with my questions however small or large they were. She was appropriate in the courtroom, which you can tell she knows her way around in.  Should I ever need an attorney again, I will go straight to Deborah.
-H.P, Renton, Wrongful Death Client

“…very human, and yet tough and extremely competent.”

“Deborah Nelson got me a surprisingly high settlement, considering the weakness of my case, and complications. She is one of those attorneys who are obviously very human, and yet tough and extremely competent. Bravo.”
-P.P., Seattle, Car Accident Client

“…her expertise helped me stay focused and calm…”

“Deborah was my lawyer during an auto accident case that involved myself and an uninsured, drunk driver who totaled my car. She was more than professional, kept me very well informed and was timely in her correspondence with me. During a difficult time in my life, her expertise helped me stay focused and calm and produced an outcome with which I was more than satisfied.”
– K.S., Poulsbo, Car Accident Client

“She kept all the ducks moving in the right direction…”

“Ms. Nelson impressed me with the little things that distinguish a professional. It doesn’t matter how bright you are, how well you argue before a jury, or how well trained you are if you don’t treat every client like your most important customer. Ms. Nelson made me feel that way. She returned phone calls in a timely manner, she kept me informed on my case with detailed e-mails, she made me feel that I had been given all the options and she used gentle but firm persuasion to keep me from shooting myself in the foot. She kept all the ducks moving in the right direction without my having to worry about it. My only complaint is that I can’t use her for ALL my legal needs.”
– F.E., Port Townsend, Civil Litigation Client

“I recommend Deborah without reservation.”

“Deborah helped me after I was involved in an auto accident with an uninsured motorist who ran a red light and struck my vehicle. Over a period of several years we filed and settled three separate lawsuits against my insurance company stemming from this accident. Deborah is extremely knowledgeable, a great strategist and tireless in pursuing the best outcome possible. She kept me informed of other cases that were working through the courts that had bearing on mine and explained what was going on. I have recommended her services to several friends and family members who have found themselves in similar circumstances and all have been taken care of just as I was. I recommend Deborah without reservation.”
– M.P., Sequim, Car Accident and Insurance Bad Faith Client

“She was direct. She was informed. She was responsive.”

“When I moved across the country for health reasons, my disability insurer cut off my benefits. I was miles from my doctors, my lawyers, and barely settled into my new home. I needed a lawyer who could help me file an appeal with my insurer and sue them if necessary. I also needed a lawyer who could help me deal with my transition to the West Coast. I found Deborah Nelson on the internet. She was direct. She was informed. She was responsive. She was aggressive. She even used computer databases and sent email (for informal communications). We developed a plan of action. She helped me find a new doctor in Seattle and helped with the transfer of my medical records from the East Coast. Whenever there was a development in the case, she kept me informed. She knew how to respond and either handled it directly, or made sure that I did it properly. She stood between me and my insurer, advising me of my legal rights and how I should exercise them. With the appropriate documentation and medical testimony, she won my appeal. We didn’t have to go to court. Since then I have kept her on retainer to deal with routine matters with my insurer, and it has been worth every penny. It is comforting to have someone like Ms. Nelson on my side.”
– S.S., Port Angeles, Long Term Disability Insurance Client

“…having Deborah at the helm was very reassuring!”

“Upon finding myself the victim of a pedestrian accident involving a school bus company, I found I needed to secure an attorney. Deborah was recommended by a good friend of mine and she did not disappoint!  Aside from my own personal injuries and emotional stress I was dealing with as a direct result of the accident, I found myself in the midst of a bunch of legal drama that was dealt with professionally and efficiently by Deborah. I was allotted the time to take care of my own needs while she was the one that took care of the “details.” As someone that has never had to use an attorney, it was a new and at times stressful situation to be in, and having Deborah at the helm was very reassuring! The results of my case more than met my expectations.  Not that I would wish my own situation on anyone, but if you need an attorney, Deborah is your top choice.
– S.M., Seattle, Pedestrian Accident Client

“She was excellent at explaining every move.”

“This was my first experience with a lawyer. She was comfortable to work with and a warm personality. She was excellent at explaining every move. She was very prompt at answering my inquiries by email or phone. I am more than pleased with the outcome of the legal matter. I highly recommend her.
– D.P., Sequim, Slip and Fall Accident Client

“She is an outstandingly smart attorney and a wonderful and caring person!”

Deborah Nelson is the best attorney I have ever worked with. She provided guidance and support that was beneficial for winning the case. Deborah gets right to the point and clearly lays out all of the details, as well as communicates the specifics on my role in completing tasks pertinent for a successful outcome. She is an outstandingly smart attorney and a wonderful and caring person!
– C.G., Seattle, Car Accident Client

“…she went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of …”

“Deborah took on my case even though I lived in a city 3 hours away and was so honest, upfront, had excellent communications with me and helped me in a case that was life altering for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone that requires her legal services. There was not one thing Deborah failed to do for me. In fact she went out of her way to make sure I was taken care of and understood every aspect of the application process and made sure that I was awarded fairly. Thank You, Deborah Nelson.”
– T.A., Port Angeles, Long Term Disability Insurance Client

“I would suggest them for their professionalism, quick response and follow-through.”

“I was involved in an accident which left me with 2 broken arms and 2 broken legs. The Nelson Boyd team pulled together all the information needed for me to be able to at least get the funds that were available in a settlement and I am quite thankful. I would suggest them for their professionalism, quick response and follow-through.”
– C.W., Port Townsend, Motorcycle Accident Client

“…Deborah and Jeff did an awesome job.”

“First let me say that I am a very kept to myself person. I don’t like people knowing my business. I don’t like talking about myself, especially to people I don’t know.  After my injury and things not being resolved, a friend put me in contact with Deborah. I was very nervous about even talking to her in the beginning. Each time I spoke with her I felt more comfortable and confident. She is very personable, compassionate and knowledgeable. I didn’t have to worry about any of it and if I had a question she had the answer. Very long story short Deborah and Jeff did an awesome job preparing for and in court. They will never fully know how much I appreciate them and the countless hours of work they did. I hope to never need another lawyer but if I were to need one I wouldn’t hesitate to call Deborah and Jeff.”
– K.C., Sequim, Premises Liability Accident Client

“…I ended up with tens of thousands of dollars more…”

“Let me first state that my previous experiences with lawyers have been with divorce attorneys and has been a very negative experience. Because of this, I had no interest in giving an attorney any share of money awarded to me when I was in a motorcycle accident in Reno where the other party was clearly at fault. I knew I couldn’t get the same settlement an attorney could, however, I wouldn’t have to choke up a third of it to a lawyer that didn’t do much to earn it. I just needed the insurance company to deal in an upright and honest manner with a guy who wanted enough of a settlement to upgrade his motorcycle and maybe a couple thousand for pain and suffering. After 3 months of dealing with the insurance companies, it became obvious that the whole lot of them were not being honest with me and trying their best to force me into a settlement.

Right off the bat after my initial Emergency Room, visit no one would see me for follow up care. I have great health insurance (Gov. Regence BlueShield) they would pay nothing because it was an accident and someone else was liable. My insurance company (State Farm) would pay nothing because PIP personal injury protection is not available on motorcycles. The at-fault parties’ insurance (Farmers) would pay nothing until the claim settled. I was finally able to get Regence to cover (lot of hassle) if I signed over a right of recovery form which enabled them to be 1st in line to recover their losses from the other party. I was already out of pocket several thousand dollars in fees, co-pays, and other uncovered and undocumented expenses and it looked like I was actually going to end this case several thousand dollars in the whole rather than recovering my full expenses when my aunt suggested I try an attorney friend of hers.
Deborah Nelson and partner Jeff Boyd interviewed me and actually explained to me how my insurance coverage actually worked. I was informed of a lot of facts that were previously not disclosed to me. My underinsured motorist coverage is supposed to pay for my time loss from work and any pain and suffering award given me by a jury amongst other things.

To make a long story short, Deborah was able to take the case, even after I had provided a lot of information to the other insurance companies and even signed away some of my legal redress recovery, and obtained a sizable monetary recovery for me.  After taking the case Deborah dealt with all of the insurance contacts and other hassles. I was kept very well informed on the case proceedings and had access to Deborah via telephone and/or email as needed.
After the case was over and the vehicle insurance companies had settled my claims, Deborah (receiving no additional funds) pursued my health insurance company to have them pay for a portion of my attorney fees getting me several more thousand dollars that I had not expected.
I ended up with tens of thousands of dollars more than I was originally after because the insurance companies would not deal with me in an open and forthright manner.
Thank you, Deborah and Jeff.”
– T.P., Port Orchard, Motorcycle Accident Client