An auto insurance company is not offering to pay all of my damages on a liability claim. What can I do?

If an insurance company is not offering to pay you what you are owed you should speak to an attorney so you can fully understand your rights. Only an attorney that’s experienced in handling automobile claims can fully and fairly evaluate what the insurance company should pay you and tell you whether or not what they are offering you is fair.

How does an auto insurance policy protect me?

There are lots of different ways in which it can protect you and there are actually at least two policies that matter. If you’re injured as a result of someone else crashing their car into you, their policy matters because you’ll look at the liability insurance. How much insurance did they buy to protect other people that they harm? That’s the first kind of insurance. The second type of insurance is what kind you bought. Did you buy PIP insurance, which pays your medical bills? Did you buy UIM insurance which pays in the event the person who hit you had no insurance, or didn’t have enough? It’s under-insured motorist, or uninsured motorist, and personal injury protection. Really, it’s sort of a long answer to a short question, but it matters how you protect yourself as well as how other protect you.

If my insurance company denies my claim in Washington, do I have any rights?

The fact is an insurance company doesn’t make the final decision about whether you have a good claim or a bad claim. Their opinion is just that, their opinion. You should speak to a qualified, experienced lawyer who can tell you whether you have a claim and who would be willing to pursue it for you against the insurance company regardless of what they say.

The other driver’s auto insurance company wants me to sign a release on my injury claim. How long can I delay this?

You can delay it for as much as you want, but what you really should do is speak to a qualified lawyer who handles automobile collision cases to get good sound advice before you give up your claim. The insurance company is not interested in being fair to you, it’s only interested in being fair to itself. You need an attorney who will protect you.

What can I do when an insurance company refuses to pay an insurance claim in Washington?

Well, just because an insurance company says no to you, doesn’t mean that they’re right. It doesn’t mean that that’s the final answer either. You need to contact an attorney. If you’ve had an insurance claim denied, or if you think you’ve been offered too little, contact a lawyer who knows something about insurance. We have decades of experience. We fight with insurance companies regularly. We sue them regularly, and we win regularly. Contact us, we can tell you what your rights are, we can tell you what you’re entitled to, and we can fight for you.