Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Did you know that your automobile insurance may protect you if you are struck by a car while riding your bike? If you have the right kind of coverage (Personal Injury Protection “PIP” and/or Uninsured Motorist “UIM”), you may be able to use your own insurance to pay your medical bills while you recover from your bike accident. You may also be able to use your own insurance to compensate you for your injuries if the car that hit you was uninsured or did not have enough insurance.

At Nelson Boyd, we understand bike collisions and bike injuries because we are avid cyclists ourselves and we have handled numerous bike cases. Deborah Nelson is a member of the PRO Club Triathlon Team and a former member of the Team in Training cycling and triathlon teams.  She has completed over a dozen centuries on her bike. Jeff and Deborah even earned a Silver medal at the El Tour de Tucson bike race and they have completed several Half Ironman triathlons together.

We know cycling is fun, but we also know that it puts you at risk for injury when other people fail to use caution. More importantly, we know that bike collisions require a special legal approach. We combine our love of cycling with our knowledge of the law to obtain the fair and full compensation that you deserve.

We handle not only cases where vehicles hit cyclists, but also cases caused by pedestrians and other cyclists, as well as crashes caused by poor road conditions. 

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bike crash, Call Nelson Boyd attorneys for a free consultation at (206) 971-7601.

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