Representation for People Without Enough Insurance

Sometimes, the unimaginable happens.  You are driving and you injure someone – badly.  Or maybe someone is seriously injured at your home.  What do you do?  One of the first things you must do is contact your insurance agent so that your insurance company can handle the claim against you.  But what do you do if you don’t have enough insurance coverage to fully compensate the person you injured?  And what if you do have assets – like a house, an income, savings, investments?

The law only requires that drivers purchase $25,000 worth of liability insurance coverage.  If you don’t purchase more insurance, this means that you will be personally responsible for any harm you cause that costs more than $25,000.  In today’s numbers, nearly every claim is worth more than $25,000, which means that you are putting your assets and your family’s security at risk every time you get behind the wheel.  To make matters worse, your insurance company only has to provide an attorney to represent you “up to the value of the insurance coverage.”  This means that if the harm you cause is big, but your insurance coverage is small, your insurance attorney will likely tell you that they can only provide you with limited representation.

For years, Nelson Boyd has been representing people who insufficiently insured.  This is often referred to as serving as “excess counsel” or “personal counsel.”  In these situations, we assess our client’s personal assets to determine how much is at risk and we work with your insurance company to make sure that it pays the full extent of the available insurance coverage so that you aren’t unnecessarily harmed by litigation that shouldn’t occur. We also work with you to help resolve the matter by assessing the merit and value of the claims made against you. We guide you through every step of the way. Insurance law is complicated and most personal injury attorneys don’t provide this service, but we do – and we’ve been doing it for years.

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