Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Your insurance company owes you certain duties. For example, your insurance company must:

  • Answer your questions
  • Respond to your emails, phone calls, and letters
  • Explain your insurance policy
  • Help you file your insurance claim
  • Reasonably investigate your claim
  • Pay claims that are due
  • Pay claims on time
  • Tell you if it needs more information
  • Let you know if it has questions
  • Only deny claims where there is a reasonable basis for doing so

Unfortunately, many insurance companies don’t do this. Many insurance companies treat you as the enemy from the beginning, ignore your phone calls, don’t explain things to you, and break their promises. This type of behavior can not only be a “breach of contract,” but also “insurance bad faith.”

Fortunately, Washington has excellent laws that help people hold their insurance companies accountable and force them to pay valid claims.

At Nelson Boyd, we have years of experience of representing people with all types of insurance claims – automobile, homeowners, motorcycle, long term disability, life, etc. – who have been treated badly by their insurance companies. We’ve lectured and written extensively in this area of law. We’ve had success against insurance companies and can get their attention.

The insurance company has unlimited resources, why not hire an attorney who has unlimited knowledge, experience, and commitment to handle your case and fight the insurance company for you?

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For more information about Insurance Bad Faith and the bad things that insurance companies do to their customers, see this book review written by Deborah Nelson in Trial magazine, the national magazine of the American Association for Justice.

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