E-Bike Accidents

Electric Bikes (“E-Bikes”) are a great invention. They allow people to ride further and faster than they could under their own power. They are great for commuters because they’re nice and sturdy and can hold saddle bags. They allow people who are older or who haven’t been athletes to enjoy nature and bike trails and get outside. And who wouldn’t like a little assist from a motor when going up a hill?

However, as great as E-Bikes are, there are special laws that apply to them which often complicate cases involving bike crashes.  We are also seeing increasing problems with insurance coverage for E-Bike crashes.  For example, if you cause a crash while riding an E-Bike, did you know that your automobile insurance likely will not cover the harm that you cause AND that your homeowner’s insurer may refuse to provide coverage for the crash, leaving your income, home, and personal assets at risk? Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often as insurers try to take advantage of new technology, instead of re-writing their insurance policies.

Nelson Boyd is at the forefront of litigation involving E-Bike crashes.  We’ve represented numerous people who were either injured while riding an E-Bike or were injured by someone else riding an E-Bike.  In both scenarios, insurance companies refused to pay claims, but we took those matters to court and got a judge to rule that our clients were entitled to the insurance coverage. There are lots of personal injury attorneys to choose from, but very few have a proven track record on both personal injury and insurance claims involving E-Bikes and even fewer are active cyclists themselves.  Let us put our unique combination of skills and experiences to work for you!

Our legal fees for personal injury cases are paid on a contingency basis. This means that we receive a percentage of what are able to recover for you without advance payment. We are not paid by the hour and “the meter” is not ticking.  This fee structure enables you to be able to afford a level of expertise and experience that you otherwise might not be able to pay for at a stressful time in your life. Contingency fees give you access to the courts and are another way that we facilitate personalized service with our clients – you can contact us when you have questions without worrying about extra fees.

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