Life Insurance Claims

People purchase life insurance to protect and provide for their loved ones after they are gone. But what happens when your loved one dies, and the insurance company won’t pay?

Unfortunately, insurance companies refuse to pay life insurance claims more often than you might think. Usually, they refuse to pay by claiming that your loved one lied on their insurance application or they claim that your loved one died as a result of something that was excluded under the policy. So, what do you do?

Call Nelson Boyd attorneys as soon as you suspect there will be a problem with your life insurance claim. It is important for us to help you before you give too much information to the insurance company and before you reach any agreements with them. Life insurance is complicated and there aren’t many attorneys who have experience in this area. We do. We know how to protect families who are entitled to life insurance benefits. We know how to make insurance companies honor their promises to your loved one. We know how to obtain justice for you.

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