Sexual Assault

A sexual assault is one of the most horrifying and damaging experiences that a person can suffer. In some cases, the sexual assault is committed by a rideshare driver (Uber, Lyft, etc.) while in other cases the sexual assault is committed by a person who holds a professional title (teacher, mental health therapist, doctor, dentist, lawyer, etc.) or by a person who holds a position of authority (church, school, youth group, etc.). Other sexual assaults are committed by a family member, friend, or neighbor.

In many instances, it is possible to file a lawsuit against the person or organization responsible for the sexual assault. The reasons for filing a lawsuit vary from person to person. For many people, it is important to exert some measure of control over the situation and demand accountability. For others, the costs of medical care and mental health treatment are so great that they need financial assistance to get the care they need.

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