Do I need a motorcycle accident attorney even if I have motorcycle insurance?

Even if you have motorcycle insurance, it’s important that you hire a qualified motorcycle collision attorney to help you understand your rights. The fact is, the insurance company is not your friend and it is not acting in your best interests. Only an attorney who is on your side can fully evaluate your case and give you good advice about how you should pursue it.

Do I need to hire an attorney if I am being offered a settlement by the at-fault driver’s insurance company?

Whether a motorcycle collision or a car wreck, you absolutely need to hire an attorney before deciding to accept an insurance company’s offer. The fact is, an insurance company is not working in your best interest. It’s working in its best interest, and the only way you will have a fair evaluation of your rights is if you speak to an attorney.

I did not carry insurance on my motorcycle. Can I still sue the driver who hit me?

You can if it was their fault, or partially their fault, even. The important thing is not whether you have insurance coverage, but who is at fault. If they were at least partly at fault, then yes. You can sue them and you can go after their insurance coverage to compensate you for the injuries you suffered.

Should I provide statements to my insurance company and the insurance company of the driver who hit me?

If you’re making a claim under your insurance policy, you may be required to provide your insurance with a statement about what happened. However, you are never required to provide the at-fault driver’s insurance company with a statement, and in fact, you never should, unless you consult with an attorney first.

Should I release my medical records to another driver’s insurance adjuster?

Absolutely not and you don’t have to. The insurance company for the other driver will contact you very, very quickly after the wreck and start pressuring you. They’ll start telling you that you have to cooperate with them, that you have to sign things, that you have to give them your medical records and they’ll make threats against you. None of that is true and it’s not required. At some point they will need to get your medical records, but not all of them, only some of them and it’s important to know which ones are important and which ones aren’t. It’s best to contact an experienced personal injury attorney right away to have them help you navigate the case. We have years of experience and we can help you do this.