Insurance for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers who are “owner operators” are often required to purchase a special type of insurance to replace workers’ comp insurance.  This insurance usually provides benefits for wage loss, medical bills, funeral expenses, and life insurance.  Truck drivers (or their survivors) may find themselves dealing with these insurance companies if the trucker suffers an injury or death while driving truck.  

The insurance companies issuing these policies often violate the law by refusing to pay benefits due and insisting on reimbursements to which they are not entitled.  They are not usually located in Washington and they do not usually follow Washington law.  

We have been successful in fighting these insurers to make them pay the benefits due.  We have also successfully prevented them from obtaining reimbursements that would have eliminated any benefits to our clients.   These insurance companies are NOT your friends, but it takes an attorney experienced with them to fight for you.  We have experience fighting these insurance companies.  We know how to protect you.

If you suffered an injury while driving truck and you think you might have this insurance, call Nelson Boyd attorneys at (206) 971-7601.