Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

Long Term Disability Insurance is a valuable employee benefit that many employers provide. It is also a complex, confusing, and frustrating area of insurance law that most lay people, and many attorneys, do not understand. There are short time limits for submitting information, strict requirements regarding the information you must submit, and confusing standards that the insurance company applies to determine whether you are disabled. Many times, it seems that the insurance company’s primary goal is to deny your claim.

Do not be fooled, the insurance adjuster is not your “friend,” regardless of how pleasant or nice they may be. Their goal is to find a way to deny your claim and possibly use their phone calls and emails with you to assist them in denying your claim. Be very, very careful in your dealings with insurance adjusters.

The type of law that applies depends on the type of insurance policy you have and, in many cases, the identity of your employer. An oppressive Federal law known as “ERISA” governs some long term disability insurance policies. Other long term disability insurance policies are governed by state law, which creates much broader recourse and leverage to people who have this type of insurance.

Deborah Nelson is one of the few attorneys in Washington who regularly represents clients regarding their long term disability insurance policies.  She provides full service from helping you complete your application for benefits correctly, all the way through insurance appeals and litigation.  She knows this area of the law well and understands what insurance companies need in order to properly vet your application for benefits.  She assists clients at every step of the way to make sure they are complying with the insurance company’s requirements, but also holds the insurance company accountable to pay you what it promised.

Don’t go it alone! Any errors made on your application for long term disability benefits may seriously damage your claim and your ability to obtain the insurance benefits you need and deserve.

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