As soon as you can, and there are so many reasons for that. We deal with a lot of different aspects of what happens after people are injured. There are lots of things that you don’t anticipate. Repairing your wrecked bike, getting you medical treatment and making sure that it’s paid for properly, taking care of your wage loss if you have that, contacting your own insurance, because your own insurance company may have benefits for you as well. It’s really hard to put all those pieces together and if you wait too long, you may accidentally do something that harms your rights down the road. We want to always avoid that. The health insurance piece is often the biggest part of it because people need to go get their medical treatment, but it’s important to have it paid for in the right way. Health insurance isn’t always the best way to do that. If you contact us, we’ll help you navigate the system from the very beginning through the very end, and we guide you every step of the way, act as your gatekeeper and a buffer between you and the other insurance companies. It’s better to call us sooner rather than later.