You’re entitled to your medical bills. You’re entitled to all of the medical bills that you’ve had as a result of being injured, as well as the medical bills you might need in the future, as a result of your injuries. Same is true for wage loss. You’re entitled to past and future wage loss. You’re entitled to any other incidentals that might pop up, things that it cost you money because you were injured, or things that will cost you money in the future, or that you lost money on.Then the big thing is, pain and suffering, also known as general damages. That’s really the difference. The difference between before and after are the things you can’t do as easily now, or can’t do at all now. How bad was the pain, how long did it last, how inconvenient was it, that goes into the big bundle of pain and suffering damages. It’s not an exact science, but we can put a number on that. We can help you, we can present your claim, and we can fight for your rights.