Experience and competence certainly are very important. You want to make sure that the person that you’re hiring is experienced, that they’ve done cases like this before both with the type of injury that you have and with the way you were injured. These are tough cases and not all lawyers can do them or have experience. We’ve done a lot of them over the years, and we actually enjoy doing them, and do very well at them.You need to hire somebody who is not going to be just your attorney for the very beginning and when the going gets tough, they leave you. You want somebody who’s there for the very end. That they’ll start at the beginning. They’ll help you all the way through, and they’ll try your case if they need to.Then I think you need somebody that you like, that you respect that will treat you well, that listens to you. How do they act when they talk to you on the phone? How do they act at that first meeting? Does it feel right? Are they listening to you? Will they be the ones handling your case, not someone else they sent it out to?