When I moved across the country for health reasons, my disability insurer cut off my benefits. I was miles from my doctors, my lawyers, and barely settled into my new home. I needed a lawyer who could help me file an appeal with my insurer and sue them if necessary. I also needed a lawyer who could help me deal with my transition to the West Coast. I found Deborah Nelson on the internet. She was direct. She was informed. She was responsive. She was aggressive. She even used computer databases and sent email (for informal communications). We developed a plan of action. She helped me find a new doctor in Seattle and helped with the transfer of my medical records from the East Coast. Whenever there was a development in the case, she kept me informed. She knew how to respond and either handled it directly, or made sure that I did it properly. She stood between me and my insurer, advising me of my legal rights and how I should exercise them. With the appropriate documentation and medical testimony, she won my appeal. We didn’t have to go to court. Since then I have kept her on retainer to deal with routine matters with my insurer, and it has been worth every penny. It is comforting to have someone like Ms. Nelson on my side.