Let me first state that my previous experiences with lawyers have been with divorce attorneys and has been a very negative experience. Because of this, I had no interest in giving an attorney any share of money awarded to me when I was in a motorcycle accident in Reno where the other party was clearly at fault. I knew I couldn’t get the same settlement an attorney could, however, I wouldn’t have to choke up a third of it to a lawyer that didn’t do much to earn it. I just needed the insurance company to deal in an upright and honest manner with a guy who wanted enough of a settlement to upgrade his motorcycle and maybe a couple thousand for pain and suffering. After 3 months of dealing with the insurance companies, it became obvious that the whole lot of them were not being honest with me and trying their best to force me into a settlement.

Right off the bat after my initial Emergency Room visit, no one would see me for follow up care. I have great health insurance (Gov. Regence BlueShield) they would pay nothing because it was an accident and someone else was liable. My insurance company (State Farm) would pay nothing because PIP personal injury protection is not available on motorcycles. The at-fault parties’ insurance (Farmers) would pay nothing until the claim settled. I was finally able to get Regence to cover (lot of hassle) if I signed over a right of recovery form which enabled them to be 1st in line to recover their losses from the other party. I was already out of pocket several thousand dollars in fees, co-pays, and other uncovered and undocumented expenses and it looked like I was actually going to end this case several thousand dollars in the hole rather than recovering my full expenses when my aunt suggested I try an attorney friend of hers.

Deborah Nelson and partner Jeff Boyd interviewed me and actually explained to me how my insurance coverage actually worked. I was informed of a lot of facts that were previously not disclosed to me. My underinsured motorist coverage is supposed to pay for my time loss from work and any pain and suffering award given me by a jury amongst other things.
To make a long story short, Deborah was able to take the case, even after I had provided a lot of information to the other insurance companies and even signed away some of my legal redress recovery and obtained a sizable monetary recovery for me.  After taking the case Deborah dealt with all of the insurance contacts and other hassles. I was kept very well informed on the case proceedings and had access to Deborah via telephone and/or email as needed.

After the case was over and the vehicle insurance companies had settled my claims, Deborah (receiving no additional funds) pursued my health insurance company to have them pay for a portion of my attorney fees getting me several more thousand dollars that I had not expected.

I ended up with tens of thousands of dollars more than I was originally after because the insurance companies would not deal with me in an open and forthright manner.

Thank you, Deborah and Jeff.