Can any attorney handle a Washington wrongful death case?

No. Washington’s wrongful death law is very unique and very different. You need to have somebody who is experienced not only in personal injury but in wrongful death. Who’s handled many such claims, who knows what they are doing and knows how to handle it. You need someone who understands the law. We’ve represented so many families who have tragically lost a loved one. We’ve navigated them through the complex process of insurance, liability issues, damages issues, bill paying issues, all of those things. We hold their hands, we guide them through it, we represent them, we fight for that and we honor their loved one in the process.

How can I deal with immediate bills in a Washington wrongful death case?

You need to contact us as soon as possible. This is really important, because the person who passed away is the one who owed the debt, the person responsible for paying the bills. Because they’re gone, new rules apply, and you’re not necessarily responsible for those bills. The mistake a lot of grieving families make is that they think they’re responsible for the bills, and they start trying to pay them, or they start talking to the bill collectors, and you really don’t have to do that.When you hire us, one of the many things that we do is we search out the available insurance, we deal with them, and we actually go to the health care providers and the debt collectors and we deal with them as well. We act as a buffer for you and your family so that you can grieve while we take care of the legal case.

How quickly should I contact an attorney in a Washington wrongful death case?

It’s critical that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible after a wrongful death case occurs. In such cases, there’s a whole variety of evidence that has to be maintained and correspondences that has to go out to preserve your rights. Don’t delay.

What can I do if the person who caused the death is uninsured?

Don’t assume that you can’t be compensated or that the estate can’t be compensated. Just because the person who caused the death was uninsured doesn’t mean there isn’t money available. Sometimes the place that we go is, if it was an automobile collision or if it’s a pedestrian or bicycle injury, we look at the deceased person’s actual insurance policy. They’re auto insurance policy sometimes has coverage that will step in and compensate them. It’s a complicated web of insurance coverage’s and liability issues and you really need a lawyer to deal with this, to handle all of the details and to be able to get the compensation that you’re entitled to.

What should I do if an insurance company approached me about the death of a loved one?

Do not talk to them. Let me repeat that. Do not talk to an insurance company. The insurance company only wants to make money and the only way they make money is by not paying you what they owe. At times like these, when people are dealing with terrible, horrific tragedies, it’s too much to deal with on your own.Insurance companies take advantage of that. They know that by being kind or patient or sympathetic, that people let their guard down, that they’re overwhelmed in dealing with tough things to begin with. We have represented so many families in this position. We handle everything for them. We’re their buffer between them and the insurance company, and we’re their warrior too. We fight for them, we fight for the memory of their loved one, and we represent them well.Please call us, we can help you.