5 Tips for Safe Night Driving

Driving in the dark can be challenging, especially when our days are darker longer in the winter.  Use these tips to stay safe.

1. Look away from the Light!

Our eyes are like camera lenses – pupils dilating and contracting with each lighting adjustment. This is why our eyes hurt when we wake up to a bright room. The white line along roads are for drivers to focus on rather than the oncoming headlights. They are extremely helpful when it comes to driving in the dark so you have a guide as to where the road is.

2. Keep it Clean

Having a clean windshield does wonders when it comes to glare (or lack thereof). Avoid touching the windows or windshields with your skin as the oils can accumulate. Try using a newspaper to absorb the oils and keep it squeaky clean.

3. Get your Eyes Checked

Night driving can be more difficult to drivers with limited vision. See an optometrist to ensure that you are fit to operate a vehicle in the dark.

4. Use your Beams

When driving on less occupied roads, use your high beams as a method to spotting any wildlife or road hazards, but make sure to drop them back down as soon as you see another car approaching in the distance, as this can negatively affect their night vision.

5. Stay Alert

When the lights dim, we are all prone to becoming more relaxed. Avoid this when behind the wheel by taking regular breaks, drinking coffee, and even cracking the window open to let the brisk air cool you down.

Use these tips to enhance your safety.  Remember, the life you save may be your own.

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