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7 Fireworks Safety Reminders Deborah Nelson+ June 26, 2017


Fireworks are gorgeous from a distance, but up close we need to have our wits about us to avoid serious bodily injury and property damage. Each year thousands of injuries are caused by fireworks. The 4th of July is right around the corner and with that in mind, please be extra cautious and remember the following:

  1. Fireworks are NOT toys – they are explosives that contain combustible chemicals and gunpowder and can burn upwards of 2,000 degrees, so keep away from children.
  2. Have water and a fire extinguisher nearby in case a fire starts.
  3. Secure your firework completely before lighting the fuse to make sure it stays upright.
  4. Ignite your firework at an angle and quickly back away to a safe distance.
  5. Only set off one firework at a time.
  6. Use a wide open space – avoid shooting off fireworks near buildings, crowds, or dry fields.
  7. When finished, placed used fireworks in bucket of water and dispose of all debris.

Remember to check for fireworks shows you can attend in your area that are designed and operated by pyrotechnic professionals so you can enjoy from a distance!

Happy 4th of July! Stay safe!