8 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Please keep these tips in mind when it comes to riding a motorcycle.

  1. Always wear a helmet!  Regardless of the local laws, ALWAYS wear a helmet!
  2. NEVER drive impaired.  This includes texting, headphones, and passengers that might distract you.
  3. Make sure your bike is a good “fit” for you.  In other words, don’t ride a bike that is more than you can handle.
  4. Make sure the conditions are favorable for riding.  This often depends on the cyclist’s experience level, but some weather or lighting conditions enhance the danger to motorcyclists whether it is because it is harder for you to ride or it is more difficult for vehicle drivers to see YOU!
  5. Wear the appropriate protective gear.  Although this isn’t technically necessary, it can make a difference if you are in a wreck.  Boots, gloves, long pants, and reflective clothing can make the difference.  In addition, juries are more likely to punish motorcycles who “did not wear protective clothing.”
  6. Know your limits.  Make sure that you are qualified and experienced enough to ride where you are riding.
  7. Don’t speed or drive recklessly.  A beautiful sunny day makes it tempting to increase your speed, but be careful.  In the blink of an eye, you can be driving faster than you should and a motorcyclist will ALWAYS suffer more damage than a car.
  8. Don’t “split the lane.”  Although it is legal in some states to do this, it is never a good idea.  Always ride in your own lane, not between other cars or between other lanes.

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