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An Introduction to Meditation Deborah Nelson+ June 8, 2020

We all know that meditation has been in practice for centuries. In the western world, however, most of us don’t really know why it’s practiced, the importance of it, or even what it really is.

It’s very difficult to fully explain what meditation is. Basically, it is when you achieve a state of inner peace and calmness in which your brain activity slows and stress can be released. The phrase “thoughtless awareness” is often used to describe it. Productive meditation can be easily achieved, however there are various forms for users to choose from.

The practice dates back to Buddhist and Hindu cultures of ancient Asia. Despite its origin, it does not necessarily need to revolve around religious or spiritual beliefs. Simply adopting meditation into your life can result in the reduction of stress, anxiety, negativity, and depression, and can improve your immune system, focus, and overall outlook and quality of life.

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