Are you a Safe Swimmer?

Every summer, we read heartbreaking stories about people who die while swimming. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones. Here are some important swimming safety tips:

  1. NEVER swim alone!
  2. Never swim if the conditions are bad (too dark, water too rough, strong current)
  3. Swim only in designated swimming areas
  4. Watch out for distances – they look so much shorter on the water.  What looks like a short swim might actually be a long one.  Don’t swim further than you are able.
  5. Watch out for currents – rivers are especially dangerous and you should be very cautious about swimming in them
  6. Don’t swim where people are boating
  7. Use a swim buoy flotation device so people can see you
  8. NEVER dive into water if you can’t see the bottom or don’t know how deep it is
  9. Never swim if you’ve been drinking – it lessens your abilities and judgment
  10. If you aren’t a strong swimmer, take some lessons at your local YMCA!


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