Are you Safe at the Pump?

Most of these are going to sound like no-brainers, but texting while driving is also an obvious no-no  (not to mention illegal), but people still do that all the time regardless of the fact that it’s way too dangerous.

As a reminder, we’re offering up some gas station 101 here:

Turn off your Engine

This will reduce your carbon monoxide exposure as you stand near the tailpipe waiting to finish fueling. Another reason to do so is in case a fire starts up at the station. Plus, why not lower our number of carbon emissions into our atmosphere?

Don’t smoke at the Pump!

This has got to be one of the most obvious life rules ever, but how many of us have seen that bonehead completely disregard this? Smoking around gas is so dangerous. Don’t put yourself at risk doing something that’s so easy to avoid.

It’s Electric!

If you need to get in your car while you wait for your tank to fill up, make sure you discharge your buildup of static electricity by touching the metal outside of the car away from the nozzle. If you don’t a static shock has the potential to catch fire and that is not what you want out of your experience at the gas station!

Keep it Clean

If you get gasoline on you make sure to wash it off properly so it doesn’t irritate your skin. If any gets on your clothes, make sure to change them as soon as possible to avoid walking around as human kindling.

When pumping gas into a container, whatever your reason may be, make sure it’s a designated gasoline storage container.

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