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Why You Always Need Update Your Lawyer If You See A New Health Care Provider Deborah Nelson+ February 22, 2017

Getting medical treatment after a being injured is a difficult and often annoying experience.  There are so many options: MDs, DOs, DCs, Naturopaths, LMTs, LACs, etc. You’ll probably find yourself thinking “Who should I call? Will it work? I just want to get better!” Every person is unique, so the medical treatment required for each person is unique, as well. The same collision may simply require some chiropractic treatment and massages for one person while requiring another to undergo surgery and physical therapy. No matter where you receive your medical care, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR LAWYER INFORMED!

It’s important to keep your lawyer up-to-date for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the healthcare provider (doctor, chiropractor, etc.) has a bad reputation. They may not be particularly good at what they do or they are perceived to be unethical by encouraging excessive treatment. An insurance company will balk (and you may get saddled with an excess bill) if you get 50 chiropractic treatments for an injury that most chiropractors would be able to treat with 10 – 15 visits. In other circumstances, the medical treatment being provided may not get you fully healed. For example, if you are feeling numbness or tingling pain after 2 months of chiropractic visits and massages, it may be time to refer you to a specialist.

We will need to obtain copies of your medical bills and records in order to prove your claim. To do this, we will need a complete list of all the places where you obtained injury-related medical treatment. It is also important for us to have a complete list so that we can double check and make sure that all of your medical bills have been paid, especially if an insurance company is responsible for paying those bills.

Making your way through the maze of insurance companies, healthcare providers, and medical bills can be confusing and frustrating and you likely have no experience dealing with this. We don’t expect you to know how to handle it or to go it alone. This is where we come in. We have decades of experience in helping injured people and fighting insurance companies.  We can help you find the right healthcare providers to treat your injuries and we can work with the insurance companies and healthcare providers to get their bills paid.

If you have been injured as the result of someone else’s actions, call Nelson Boyd today at (206) 971-7601.  We Care.  We Can Help.