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Fact or Fiction: The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Will Pay Your Medical Bills Deborah Nelson+ January 22, 2021

You were in a car wreck.  It wasn’t your fault.  The other driver apologized for causing the wreck and their insurance company said it “accepted liability.”  This means that the other driver’s insurance company will pay your collision related medical bills as they are incurred, right?  WRONG!

This is a common misconception.  The other insurance company is NOT required to pay for your medical care as you try to get better – and they won’t!  Instead, YOU are required to pay for your collision related medical treatment as you incur the bills.  You will have to do this by using your Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) insurance on your auto policy, by using your health insurance, or by paying out of your pocket.

When you have completed your collision related medical treatment and have recovered as much as possible, you may be entitled to payment of your personal injury claim, which may include reimbursement of your collision related medical expenses.  However, this usually doesn’t happen until long after the collision!  Even if a lawsuit is filed, it often takes a year or more for the lawsuit to resolve.

TIP:  Make sure you have a way to pay your medical bills.  We strongly recommend that you purchase PIP insurance in the amount of $35,000 on your auto policy.  It is far better than using health insurance.  See our blog and website for articles about PIP insurance.

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