River Safety Tips

Rivers can be peaceful, and refreshing, but they can also be forceful and unforgiving. It’s so important to keep your wits about you near rivers and be cautious of your footing because a situation can turn deadly in a matter of seconds.


River currents can be surprisingly strong, even if they don’t look like it.  Don’t be fooled, the water is constantly moving. When a river current is strong, it can easily sweep away massive trees, as well as humans and animals. Don’t underestimate the power of rivers.


Since river levels change throughout the year, when they drop, the banks can remain slippery from the algae and mud, so keep an eye out if you plan on walking near the edge, and don’t get too close, the land near a river can erode and be hard to see from a trail.

NEVER cross a river.  You might think the current isn’t fast or the water isn’t deep or it is safe to cross, but it very rarely is and, if you miscalculate, it could be deadly.  


If you would like to go river rafting, make sure you book it through a qualified company. The guides know their rivers and can make sure you have a fun and safe trip – just make sure you pay attention and listen!

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