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8 Benefits of Reducing Your Stress Deborah Nelson+ February 8, 2017

Americans are more stressed than ever. A number of factors contribute to this and it’s just not healthy. Although we can’t necessarily “control” stress, we can take steps to “manage” it. Taking time to “switch off” and relax is essential to reducing stress levels and leading a healthier, happier life. Here are 8 benefits to being less stressed:

  1. Can lower blood pressure

  2. Less likely to catch cold

  3. Increases memory

  4. Less likely to have a stroke

  5. Less likely to suffer from depression

  6. Allows you to think more clearly

  7. Keeps you at a healthier weight when not stress eating

  8. Keeps acne at bay

While relaxation is essential, it does not look the same to every individual. It comes in many forms – to each their own. Find what relaxes you, whether that’s a walk around the block, meditation, going for a run, reading near a lake, or even just watching a favorite film with your phone turned off.

Try to add as many of these relaxing moments to your week wherever possible – it will do you (and those around you) worlds of good!