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Health Tip #4: Drink More Water Deborah Nelson+ May 1, 2021

Drink More Water

Our bodies need hydration.  Alcohol, sugary drinks, and diet sodas are not healthy.  Although you may choose them in moderation, they aren’t a good replacement for water.  If you find plain water boring, try some of the naturally flavored waters that have only “essence” in them or opt for carbonated water.  Read labels carefully to make sure they do NOT contain high fructose corn syrup, honey, cane sugar, or other artificial ingredients or sweeteners.  One healthy option is to put Nuun All Day tablets in your water.  Nuun is an all-natural, calorie-free flavoring for water.  The regular Nuun is used by athletes to replenish depleted electrolytes.  It has too much sodium for daily usage, so opt for the “All Day” version of Nuun to hydrate you during the day.  How will you increase your water consumption this year?