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Health Tip #6: Count Your Blessings Deborah Nelson+ May 1, 2021
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Easy Ways to Improve Your Health & Happiness Series

Count Your Blessings

I’m a “planner” and a “doer.”  I have a hard time remaining present and relaxed.  I decided that I want to appreciate my life more this year and focus on all the good things.  I started keeping a “Joy Journal” at the beginning of January.  I bought a little journal that I write in at the end of every day.  I only list good things; things that delighted me; things that made me smile or made me happy.  I don’t write bad things or complaints in it.  When I do have a bad day, I can just look at my Joy Journal and see how many good days I’ve had and know that whatever is troubling me is sure to pass.  How will you strive to be more present and more grateful this year?