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Legal Tip of the Week: The Benefits of PIP Insurance Deborah Nelson+ February 17, 2015

What are some of the benefits of Personal Injury Protection insurance (“PIP”) that make it better than health insurance?

(a)            No deductible;
(b)           No preauthorization requirement;
(c)            No co-pay;
(d)           You get to choose your own healthcare provider;
(e)            All of the above.

Correct Answer:  E

 PIP insurance is incredibly affordable and absolutely essential.  If you aren’t able to pay for the medical treatment you need out of your own pocket – and who can –  you may have to settle your case for much less than you are entitled to.  Even if you have health insurance, PIP is a good idea because the benefits are much better than health insurance.  In fact, some health insurance plans will refuse to provide coverage if your medical treatment is due to an injury.

 Tip to protect yourself:  Check with your insurance agent today to make sure you have PIP insurance on your auto insurance policy.