What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Insurance Part 1 Deborah Nelson+ April 2, 2020


The fact that you have “some” insurance doesn’t really mean anything. A lot of people don’t understand what insurance coverage they have, let alone what insurance coverage they should have, until it’s too late. Many insurance agents are unfamiliar with the special needs of bike owners, and some are too interested in getting your business by “saving you money” than by selling you a good policy. Most people feel pretty comfortable with their insurance. That is because most people have never had a significant claim. Your agent may be your friend – but your agent has nothing to do with your claim should you have a wreck. Insurance companies are split into two personalities: the “money in” part (your agent) and the “money out” part (the claims adjusting group). If you have anything other than a very minor claim, you will quickly find out that the “money in” door is a lot bigger and a lot friendlier than the “money out” door. The minute you have a substantial claim, most insurance companies treat you with all the respect they would treat an “outside” person who is making a claim: as a stranger, not as a trusted customer. What you don’t know will hurt you. I write this from the perspective of a lawyer that has represented many, many riders who have been in wrecks only to find out that their “full coverage” policy doesn’t begin to do what they need it to do. I have no financial interest in this advice – I’m not trying to sell you insurance. I am giving you real-world information to protect you against the ruin that will come to you if you are in a wreck and don’t have the kinds of insurance coverage and the amounts of insurance coverage that you need.

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What You Need to Know About Motorcyle Insurance