What can I do if a defective roadway or unmaintained roadway caused a Washington motorcycle accident?

Under Washington law, the state, or the county, or the city is responsible for any injuries that are caused by defective roadways, whether it’s to motorcycles, bicycles, or automobiles. This is a specialized area of the law however, and before you pursue such a claim, you should talk to an attorney that has experience in road defect cases.

What if the negligent driver’s insurance company will not pay my medical bills for injuries from a motorcycle accident?

Well unfortunately it often won’t, at least not up front because it’s not required to. Then what we do is we look at your policy and we see what your motorcycle policy has on it, and whether you have personal injury protection insurance. It’s not always available on all motorcycle policies, so find out from your agent if they’ll sell it to you. If you don’t have that, then we go to your health insurance. If you don’t have that, then we try to work out a deal with your doctor so that you can get your medical bills paid or taken care of at least, in the meantime, and then compensated on the back end. The insurance company for the person who hit you will ultimately have to pay your medical bills at the very end of the case, but they don’t always have to pay it up front, so it’s important that you have some insurance, too.

What insurance is a motorcyclist required to have in Washington?

Washington law requires all drivers including motorcycle operators to maintain a state minimum amount of liability insurance and property damage insurance. This will protect you against claims, but it does nothing to protect you. Above and beyond those limits you need to have good amounts of collision coverage and uninsured underinsured motorist coverage to protect yourself.

What is uninsured motorist coverage and how does it affect my Washington motorcycle accident case?

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist coverage is often referred to as UIM. It’s something that you buy yourself to be on your policy. You should always buy that, because if you don’t, you’re risking that the person who causes you harm has enough insurance coverage. Quite often, that’s not the case, especially in motorcycle collisions, where the injuries can be so profound. Protect yourself, do the responsible thing and go out and buy as much UIM insurance as you can.

What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Washington motorcycle accident case?

Motorcycle collision cases are different than many because of the bias many people feel against motorcycle riders. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle collision case, you should find an attorney that’s experienced with handling those cases, so that all of your rights can be protected.