I was riding my bicycle when I rode over a pothole, which threw me off my bike and caused a serious head injury. Do I have a case?

Yes, in Washington a city or a state can be responsible for not maintaining the roads properly, and if the problem with the road caused your wreck then you do have a case.

If a person dies from a Washington bicycle accident, can a claim still be pursued?

Absolutely. If the other person was at fault, and that’s why this person died, absolutely you can file a claim. Even if the person who died was somewhat at fault, there still is a claim. It’s important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to talk about the facts, talk about what happened to answer the questions for the family that they may have. Death is a really tough thing and we have a hard time dealing with it. When it’s as a result of someone else causing it, and when it’s in a bike crash, it’s a really hard thing and you need some help getting through it.

If I am injured while riding my bicycle in Washington, can I recover benefits on my auto insurance policy?

Yes, you can. There are two types of auto insurance that you need to have on your own policy. The first one is Personal Injury Protection, that’s also called PIP, and that pays for your medical bills. If you’re in a car wreck with a bike and somebody hits you and you have medical bills, your own insurance company will pay for that. It doesn’t increase your rates, which is a really nice thing, and it’s better than health insurance.The other one is Under-insured Motorist or Uninsured Motorist, it’s really the same thing. It steps in if the person that caused you the injury has no insurance or not enough. Unfortunately, with bike collisions, sometimes the injuries are just profound. They’re really big, and people don’t have enough insurance. You need to have your own that will step in and protect you in the event that the worst happens.

If I was hit by a car while on my bicycle in Washington and the car had no insurance, can I still recover?

Maybe, and that depends on whether you’ve got the right insurance. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, I understand. You think that other people are supposed to be having insurance and protecting you, but the sad fact is, they don’t always. You have to take care of yourself. Go to your insurance agent and ask for UIM insurance. That stands for Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist and it will protect you and be your insurance to compensate you if the other person didn’t have any insurance. Your rates won’t go up for using this insurance, so please go out and buy some.

If I was injured while riding a bicycle in Washington, how do my medical bills get paid?

Well the good news is that there are a number of different ways that you can get your medical bills paid. The first is, if you have personal injury protection insurance on your own automobile policy, then that will pay your medical bills. If the other person who hit you has PIP insurance also, that may also pay your medical bills, either instead of yours or in addition to yours. If you have health insurance, of course they can pay as well. Sometimes the state of Washington will step in and pay, and sometimes you can get a doctor to wait to be paid until the end if you’ve hired an attorney. There’s lots of different ways to get your medical bills paid. Contact us. We can help you figure it out.